Teachers Who Don’t Teach

Thanks to modern developments in science and technology, we have found many ways of removing the purpose or goal from our activities. The formerly fruitful activity is then replaced with a sterile simulation.

The point of fermentation used to be to produce alcohol, to gladden the heart of man. Now beer is produced in large quantities, only to be castrated and rendered harmless. In many other areas, we’ve made similar progress. You can now play football without exercising your limbs, drink coffee without stimulating your brain, eat food without calories, have sex without producing any children, and get married without making any lifelong commitment. You can even do philosophy without searching for truth.

But one of the most ludicrous examples of all is a teacher who doesn’t teach. There he is, in the classroom, just massaging the delicate egos of his pupils. He doesn’t want to hurt their feelings by drawing attention to their ignorance. We can rest assured that his pupils are safe from harm. They are happy and content in their emptiness, being prepared for a lifetime of consuming prepackaged simulacra.

I can’t think of many better examples of a culture with its balls cut off.


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