Top Ten Posts from 2017

2017 was a rather quieter year on the blog. I moved to work for the Inspiration Trust in September, and much of my writing energies have been focused on producing resources for Inspiration teachers to use. It’s wonderful to have the opportunity to start to put into practice the ideas I’ve been arguing for so vigorously over the last few years.

Next year, I’m hoping to write more posts about the work I’m doing for Inspiration. They will be more reflective, and less polemical. But I’ve no doubt there’ll still be a few broadsides in good old-fashioned style.

These are the ten posts which received the most hits in 2017. All but one of them (‘What Is a Traditional Teacher?’) were written during 2017.

  1. Direct Instruction Transforms Behaviour.
  2. The Importance of School Culture.
  3. Learning from Eton.
  4. What Is a Traditional Teacher?
  5. How Not to Prepare for Reading Tests.
  6. Should Young Children Learn Through Play?
  7. Whole Class Instruction Enables Targeted Support.
  8. The Michaela Inspection Result Is Good News for Everyone.
  9. Knowing How Bad It Is.
  10. How Much More Evidence Do You Need?

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