Online Course: ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ In-Depth Study

Over the course of eight weeks, students will receive a thorough grounding in all of the major themes and key characters of the novel. They will have many opportunities to discuss their ideas and to express them in writing. Written activities will be carefully guided so that students consistently achieve success and gain confidence and fluency.

All materials are provided as part of the enrollment fee, including a study guide with quiz questions and a textbook with writing exercises.

Classes will be a mixture of review, aimed at embedding key facts about the novel’s plot, themes, characters and context, and close study of particular passages, leading to class discussion and written exercises.

I am also running a taster lesson for this course. Find out more about this here.

View a sample of the detailed textbook included with enrollment here.

Find out more about all of my online classes at my website:

Thoughtful and reasonable discussion is always welcome.

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