Online Class on Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’

Over the course of ten weeks, we will enjoy and appreciate Stevenson’s classic tale of adventure together. We will examine themes such as courage, self-sacrifice, loyalty and treachery through interactive discussion. Students will have many opportunities to articulate their ideas and to express them in writing. Written activities will be carefully guided so that students consistently achieve success and gain confidence and fluency.

I provide a detailed young reader’s guide to the novel as part of the enrollment fee. This contains overviews of key information and written exercises focused in detail on particular moments in the novel. There are also lots of quiz questions at the back.

Classes will be a mixture of review, aimed at embedding key facts about the novel’s plot, themes and characters, and close study of particular passages, leading to class discussion and written exercises.

Find out more about my Outschool courses on my website:

Thoughtful and reasonable discussion is always welcome.

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